Grieving and Realization

I was finishing up my NaNoWriMo novel this November when all of a sudden I burst into tears. I found that I was grieving for my characters like I had never before. I could barely see the computer screen but when I attempted to stop I found that all I could think about was where I left off.

My character’s heartbreak stuck with me and made me grieve for her. Her break up with Chase (Clyde) made me want to hunt him down and hurt him. Why would he do this to her? WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY?! I figured I had reached a level of maturity in my writing. Feeling things for my characters I never had before. I usually just write it down on a page and hope it will effect the reader, but it affected me!

I went into my Nana’s room and she was watching TV with my mother when they looked up and saw my crying. They asked what was wrong and I told thme as another tear spilled over my cheek: “I was writing my novel” Well there was an unexpected response from my Nana: “Yay! That means you are going to capture your readers and they will be affected like you!” Although it was unexpected it did help. If I can cry about something that happened to my characters, why wouldn’t my readers?

That is all for this post -Jordan