Mini-Nano Day #1

Today wasn’t very successful. I wrote 1,703 words and only wrote for about thirty minutes. I feel as if I would get a whole lot more written if I could just sit still. I have so many story ideas going on in my head and this one is really taking a backseat. I feel like I can’t just get in the car and drive. (Sticking with the car analogy)

So I figured I would give an excerpt from each set of words I write a day. So today I only wrote one chapter so I’m going to give a small excerpt and maybe a quote. Mind you this probably wont make sense because you haven’t read the first book but here it is:

Excerpt from Chapter One of Figments Of My Imagination (The Monkeys Trilogy Book Two)

“You okay?” Cole asked, pulling me to the couch. Caleb walked out the front door slamming it shut as he continued to scream down the end of the hallway. I wiped my nose on his shirt sleeve and grabbed the cup of coffee out of his hands and drained it burning my tongue and throat in the process.

“I just don’t understand. How could we go from being reunited to being separated in a matter of months? He’s my best friend, the best brother, well, at least until recently.” I said quietly gripping the mug.

“I wish I could say it will get better but he’s still my best friend and I still have hope that one day everything will work itself out.”

“But what are we supposed to do until then?”

“Wait and hope that he never gets the idea to move on.” Tears welled up in my eyes. “What?” he asked alarmed. “What did I say?”

“You are such a guy.” I said and punched him in the arm. “Do you think he’ll ever get the idea to move on?”

“Oh, right, that’s what I said. I’m such an idiot. Caleb told me that I shouldn’t tell you that.”

“So you and Caleb have been talking?” I asked in a mute tone.

“Not really, just wondering what we are going to do now that summer is over. We’ll all have a lot more time on our hands. A lot more time to think and wonder what could have been.” He stared at the TV in front of us. We sat there silent. “So… what did he say”

Now remember that the excerpts I’ll be posting will not be edited and I really like commas. 🙂

Here is my favorite quote thus far:

“You both are awful!” He said standing on the bed and tried to move around us without falling on his face. “I just want to get a little more sleep and now I’m going to have nightmares.”

“From her maybe,” Cole snorted. “I passed Flirting with Fashion freshman year. That’s how good I was, freshman year!”

Okay so maybe that is a little more than a quote but I couldn’t resist myself. With all of the heartbreak I have to weave into the first half of the book, I really don’t think I can manage to write it without some humor.

That’s all for this post – Jordan


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