Mini NaNo: Day 2

Mini-Nano Badge

Well I guess it’s safe to say I’m starting off well. But you know that since I made that comment I’m going to fall way behind! I wrote around 1,— and now have a total of 3,426 words. Not bad for Day 2, eh?

Well I am having some emotional struggle with my new plot. Have you ever thought when you start a sequel or even a prequel (and I’m sure it happens when you finish a series, I just wouldn’t know from experience) “How am I supposed to carry on this story?” I have often wondered how to “Pick up where I left off” Where do you go after you end part of your character’s story to start a new… chapter?

{Start Useless Time Consuming Post that you should probably just skip through} I think I’ll continue wondering about these things through the years as I change along with my knowledge in my craft. Isn’t it true that a writer is never finished learning? I believe so. You can’t play God. Only God knows everything. We evolve in our craft, it takes time. I think even James Patterson still learns, (or at least my mother and nana assure me that he is still learning) about how his characters should do ceritan things in each of his stories. Do you think that an established author picks up books to help with his/her plot or do you think that they google (I personally prefer Bing!) story prompts? I don’t know if you’ve thought about this before but I find it extremly interesting (and time consuming) about the ways of an author. 🙂 {End Useless Time Consuming Post that you should probably just skip through}

My characters are starting out on a bumpy road. They don’t seem to have found otu what is really going on from the previous book (yeah, it’s one of those books) and I am still trying to figure out where to take their journey. I feel as if I could have a better plotline going if I knew exactly where this was going to take me.

Okay, as pormised here is a small piece taken from today’s chapter:

I walked into my first class with a forced smile plastered onto my face. Jared called my cellphone three times on my walk here demanding to know why I was being so stubborn. I don’t know why I answered. Jus to hear his voice I suppose. What do you do when the closest thing you had to a family evaporates and then your own brother goes with them? I have no idea what I’m going to do if Jared decides I’m not worth being here for like Cole said. I was one of the first ones there thanks to the fact that I just wanted to get out of the house. I sat down in the front row, not feeling like climbing the stairs.
“How are you Miss. Hemsworth?” Professor Madden asked from his big oak desk.
“I’m good, sir, and you?”
“I am superb.” Superb? Who says that in everyday conversation? I am feeling great, thank you for asking. What era does he live in?

Here are two of my favorite quotes from today’s chapter as well:

“Do you come here often?” I asked as I slid into a booth.
“Yeah, they are responsible for feeding me.” He said smiling at me happily.

“Ariel is the best.”
“Ariel?” I asked trying not to laugh.
“Okay, her name does hold some comedic fun but we should not take that for granted especially when she has super hearing.”
“Oh? And what has she heard?”

Okay, I think that is all for this post.

Until next time – Jordan