Figments Of My Imagination Series: #2 Character Interview

Well I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and write another post for my Figments Of My Imagination Series. This one is a character interview. It’s between Sam and Clyde (or Chase depending on how she if feeling) Keep in mind that they are currently broken up and haven’t talked in awhile. Okay well… let’s get started.

Jordan: I opened the door and a soft breeze came in accompanied by the summer heat. Sam brushed past me wearing faded wash jeans, a pristine white t-shirt and a green leather jacket from Macys. Chase came in after her stomping his feet on the welcome mat, wiping his feet. “Hel-” I was quickly interrupted by a glaring Sam.
Sam: “Why, of all the times to call me to your office you choose now? With him?!” she pointed to him like he was the culprit of a string of cat burglaries around my small neighborhood. “You are the worst author I have ever met.”
Jordan: I am your creator. You are bound to hate me at times.” I pointed out. She narrowed her eyes at me.
Chase: “Why did you have to make her so hostile.” Before I could respond Sam chimed in.
Sam: “Me? ME?! I am not the cheating bastard, Clyde.”
Chase: “If you would let me explain!”
Sam: “I saw it with my own two eyes. You need to back up and look in the mirror.” Chase snorted.
Chase: “Please! You just got that line from your brother.”
Jordan: “So this is what happens when you put two characters, who haven’t talked in months, together. My editor did warn me.” Sam turned on me.
Sam: “This is your fault.” She pointed a finger at my chest, making me wonder why I did make her prone to heartbreak. One thing is for sure, I didn’t like her anger geared towards me.
Jordan: “Wait just a minute, everyone in this room knows that there had to be a plot twist. It just happened to be something none of us liked.”
Chase: “Then why did you do it?!”
Jordan: “The show had to go on.”
Chase: “Quit being so cliché’!” I sighed annoyed.
Jordan: “Look, I despise most of my plot twists. I honestly prefer turns,” Neither of them found the humor in my play-on-words. “So do my characters, but you’re just going to have to deal with it.”
Sam: “You’re the one who gets to leave and come back. Do you know how many arguments you have left unfinished for pizza?”
Chase: “Well I like pizza; I must get that from her.” Sam shot him a cutting glance.
Sam: “Zip it Clyde.”
Chase: “My name is Chase!”
Sam: “You don’t deserve to get what you want!”
Chase: “You’re making yourself so upset you can’t even form good sentences!” She did sound like a five year old.
Sam: “I’m making myself upset?! You’re the one who…”

Sam and Clyde’s argument (along with the ever present interview) will be finished after I go eat some pizza.



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