Mini Nano: Day 22

Mini-Nano Badge

I have failed to write a post everyday. I haven’t had much to report since I haven’t written everyday. I am way behind and there is no way I am going to be able to finish this up unless I write around 5,000 words a day. I did it yesterday (Day 22) and I did it on a smaller scale the day before. SO this is just a snippet of what I wrote yesterday:

Part of Chapter Fifteen:
We made it back to Jack’s room in one piece where the green bandanna was being left out in the open. “Something isn’t right here.” Jack whispered and that’s when Dustin leapt onto his back.
“Hiya big guy! Are you hungry?” He then shoved the neutral flag into his mouth. Jack whirled around and Derek was standing there breathless.
“Where the heck were you?!” He demanded. I explained about the baby powder and Mel went and threw herself on the bed breathless. “You are aware, do to your little detour I had to request the weakest link’s backup?!” He screeched. Jared came in then.
“I have been waiting in the car for twent-” He looked at all of us. “What the heck happened here? That’s when Cole came jogging in. He didn’t even glance at Jared but Jared seemed shocked to see him there. Cole hit Derek and Dustin’s hand and then we all threw ourselves on the floor and waited. They all looked at us amused and then Ken was there with a white flag.
“You win,”
“You know what this means?” Jack asked smiling evilly. Ken sighed agitated.
“I do.”
“Why don’t you just say it out loud? We did, after all, beat you.” Dustin said.
“What did we win?” Cole asked.
“We were playing for a prize?” Caleb asked shocked. Ken ignored both of them.
“You now get ice cream every Friday.” I raised my eyebrows.
“For how long?” Mel pressed.
“For the rest of your natural lives.” He sighed agitated.
“It feels so good to win.” Derek said.

Here is a quote or two:
“Jack, it was just a game.”
“Well you were going to try and kill me. I got put in here for that, what happens to you?”
“I only get to see you once a week?” She proposed. He perked up.
“Well, not seeing me is punishment.”

Okay, well I guess that is everything. I’ll talk to you guys later -Jordan