Another Texan Turned Seventeen

I took a break from writing and blogging for a while, sorry for my absence. I haven’t had much to do with the internet as of late. 🙂 I wanted to take a break from everything viral for a few weeks. Which I did, but I’m ready to get back into the motions of writing.

I turned Seventeen on the 3rd and I am working hard on schoolwork also. As some of you may know I have been homeschooled since I was in the third grade and each year it gets a little bit easier to figure out my work schedule. I love being homeschooled but the work loads get me sometimes. So I’m trying to reiterate my New Years Resolution to schedule my time better.

I’m working on outlining The Monkeys better. Let me rephrase: I’m going to be working on outlining my story a little bit better. It seems I am constantly running into walls with Figments of My Imagination so I’m trying to get a better feel for my characters and the paths they are currently following.

I think that is everything for this post. Be sure to check back for more later on today or early tomorrow!



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