Merry Go ‘Round

Diary Entry

You are probably wondering why I am writing this right after I wrote my other post… well, there is only one reasonable explanation. I wanted to have a cute title and music, that has been keeping me occupied these past couple of weeks, to announce my new segment called: Weekly Diary Entry From A Southern Writer. You could say I only made this up to make the badge or you could say that I really like to talk and I love WordPress so it’s a win win for both of us. How? You now get my jokes and insight to my everyday life weekly. That’s right folks -WEEKLY. You are welcome. 😛

Well this week has been nothing more than scrapbooking, more scrapbooking, and then more scrapbooking. That’s one of the reasons this post is titled Merry Go ‘Round. It seems like every time I head for my computer I end up heading back to my craft room. Doing something other than writing… anything. It’s like I am burnt out from writing two novels last year… I have to get back into the groove!

So as I mentioned before. There is a song that I cannot get out of my head. I have been listening to it nonstop for the past month. It is so sad yet so good. So here is a clip and let’s then have a moment of silence to let the words soak in to our hearts and appreciate what we have.


So what do you think? Yes, like I mentioned it’s very sad. But it is AWESOME.

On another note my sister through my bedroom door open stomped into the room lay my tablet on my filing cabinet and then proceeded to tell me that even though I got a new tablet cover, that did not mean hers could go unused: “My tablet cover shall not be abandoned! She will be avenged!” She then took her “army” and left the room but with a parting note told me if something should posses me to not use my finger-less gloves she knows where I sleep.

There are two very big problems with this situation. First: I begged for her to knit me a cover for my precious Android for two months. It is awesome (and yes I am still Team Alice) but now my mother has something to use since she did not get a $30 cover from Hastings. Second: I wanted finger-less gloves for Nano. I got them for Christmas and am on strike. (Please don’t tell her I caved and am now wearing them. What? They are so pretty. Don’t judge me.)

Some might say it is wrong for me to go on strike after it took her countless hours to knit these beautiful creations… but there are at least four mini albums (compleated aside from pictures and journaling) that have taken me days to complete and are still not full of her memories. So I’m pretty sure we are even.

Scrapbooking time (Opps!) -Jordan


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  1. Ohh… I completely understand the need/want to do something other than writing. Unfortunately, I haven’t found much else to do, so I spend my time staring at the computer… Hehe. I should try scrapbooking though…

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