Status Update (Still Single) :P

Status Update

Today I wanted to share with you all a ‘lil status update on my writing. To start off this post I wanted to tell you all that I signed up for yet another Mini Nano. This time WestmontHilltop1 is hosting this fine contest.I want to thank anyone who joins because I am very competitive and love fighting for first place. 😛

Okay, so onto my status report. Well, I was looking at Paige Turner Book Two: Untitled and saw that I have written nearly 25,000 words so far. I haven’t written much in this series since I got grounded last May (don’t ask.) So I plan on finishing up that novel and hopefully doing Paige Turned Book Three: Isn’t this Cover Awesome (Sorry, it’s a work in progress) for Camp Nano in April.

If you look on my Writing Page you will see that Paige Turner is a five book series that I would like to finish up before the year’s end. She comes easily to me so it shouldn’t be that hard. 🙂

On a different note, the reason I am planning to finish up this series so quickly is because we are now looking at agents for Paige Turner Book One and we want to have a nearly completed set by the time an agent actually signs on. I would like to have Book One published my the time I am 18.

I hope all is well in whatever story land you are in -Jordan