Better Dig Two (SOTD)

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My Papa was into music. He wrote music, composed all of his own work and was picked up by several agencies that he turned down. He died in 2000 and I have always wanted to do something to incorporate music into my writing. I thought starting off with my blog was not a bad idea. Thus the Song Of The Day was born. Every once in a while on no specific schedule I will post a song and my thoughts on its message.

Today I wanted to share with you a song that is so true for any woman out there who loves her man. I got these views from my mother and Miss Perry did also. 🙂

This song explains a lot about a woman and what she would do to keep her family together. Including some unethical things, but I guess if you weren’t in your right mind they wouldn’t sound that wrong. (But they are.) From fighting for her man to keeping her heart safe from anyone who could hurt her this song pretty much covers all of those bases.

Here is the Lyrics Video:

Hope you all have a good night (Tugs Ear) -Jordan


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