I Belong With You (SOTD)

Song Of The Day

Today the song I am going to share with you all is a Grammy… winner? I’m not good with those things! I have been looking for this song (because honestly you hear it everywhere) but I never knew who wrote/sang it until my sister was sitting with her android tablet and she started singing the song, the cords of her head phones slapping against her neck as she began to get up and dance.

You have to understand something, my sister and I are polar opposite. I LOVE music and she LOVES books. I didn’t get into books until Twilight came out (I know you think you hate it, but let’s be honest, it’s a fairy tale we all wished we lived in. You’re just voting with the majority, Now if we were the majority….) and then I started spending my money on books instead of CDs.

My sister and I were cleaning out our rooms (so she could move out to the room next door we signed the papers, it’s legal.) where we organized almost 100 CDs. I was only thirteen at the time and now they cover my window plus my vanity plus my Cd tower.

As you can see I love music (and now books) but for her to know about that song before I did? There is something wrong here. SO I started acting like I knew. She could never remember the band’s name but still managed to know all of the lyrics and also the actual song title which led me to believe that Kennedy, my beloved little sister, had been kidnapped by futuristic zombies. (Because we know they are coming.) naturally I started looking into ways to get my sister back, turns out, there was not one sign of my sister on Mars (trust me, you would know if she was there,) and they did not leave a map so I realized I was going to have to start from scratch.

But then the unthinkable happened, I woke up with my face on the desk and heard the Television turn off and then silence. So what does one naturally think when there is complete silence, your little sister is already missing, and you just heard the refrigerator door close? obviously they were coming back to finish the job.

I did the one thing I knew how to do, I prepared to attack. You see I should have thought of this earlier, but who in their right mind would come back a second time? I was on to them. then I remembered: They can barely command a space ship, let alone keep tape records with notes. they couldn’t possibly have factored me into the equation.

This was a good thing and a bad thing, good? They didn’t know they were on enemy territory and about to die… again, bad? I wasn’t prepared nor did I have a clue as to how I was going to defeat this army of Zombies. I had no choice but to dive head first.

I grabbed my stick (no burglar has yet to pass me,) and I started down the hallway. When I got there I saw Kennedy by the window, probably calling the mothership, and I proceeded to go to the fridge very quietly to see what was missing, because there has not been much research conducted about how Zombies survive quietly in everyday life. I pulled the door open and to my horror, all of my questions were answered… my Whopper was missing. I had had a stomach ache and wasn’t able to finish it. I turned slowly and there Kennedy was, eating my Whopper as content as I have ever seen her.

I realized that she was Kennedy, I had blown everything out of proportion. Because my sister would never, NEVER, leave a Whopper over night. I had just lost my touch. So thank you Kennedy for this recommendation:

Here is the lyrics video:

So this song is about a boy who messed up and can not get the love of his life back. He drove her into another guys arms and he finds her and tells her that they belong together and that they cannot live without each other because what they have is true love.