Shine On Award (Thanks Avon)

So, I got another award! Yay! This is from the spectacular Avon over at Avon’s Babbles. I love getting awards so thank you so much Avon!

Just to start off I wanted to say I have no affiliation to the pawn shop down the street… I do not own a gun. I received this award legally.

The Rules:

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you.
  • Post the badge on your blog.
  • Answer the questions posed to you.
  • Nominate five bloggers who shine a little light in your day and be sure to notify them.
  • Issue ten questions you’d like them to answer

Avon’s Questions:

What is your favorite time of day? Whenever it is raining and everyone else takes a nap. I get to write without interruption unless it’s thundering.

What’s your song that makes your feels most happy and inspired? It’s not so much the lyrics as the beat of a song that gets me inspired. So right now my favorite song is either The A-Team by Ed Sheeran or Die Young By Ke$ha. There are some inappropriate lyrics so if you aren’t familiar with this artist I would advise you not to click the link.

Do have a character that’s a ‘author’s pet’? By that I mean one you really just love, even if they have flaws in creation or actually in them. My first character Paige Turner. She is apart of me, literally. Her appearance is of my sister and her personality is a replica of my mothers while her passion for writing is my Nana’s and my own.

Do you have any Shiny New Ideas? Tells them to us! I plan on making several cards that are shaped like different creatures from Doctor Who for my sister’s Easter gift. Oh, you mean writing? Yeah, I have a book full.

Do you have a place you post writing? If you feel like it, post the link! Wattpad I just joined the community but I also have a Figment account.

Write a paragraph or more based on this prompt “The lonely book sat on the shelf near the edge of the room.” HA! I got you to write. Every words counts. Write every day even if it’s just one word: I walked into the room and sat down on my bed bored to tears. I just got dumped and now I have no date for Junior Prom.

I threw myself back on the bed and sighed annoyed. Why are all guys jerks? I looked to the right where my old bookshelf stood by the door just begging for some attention. I pulled myself off the bed and grabbed the first book in the Paige Turner series I bought at the book store a couple of months back.

The story started with a running leap and did not disappoint. I finished the book within a couple of hours and started reading the next. I bled my bookshelf dry within a week and found that everything I thought I needed was right here all along. I didn’t need dates and shoes. I needed a good ole’ fashion love story that took me back to the time when all I ever dreamed about was finding Mr. Right.

Do you like sit-coms? Yes, (The Big Bang Theory is my favorite.)

What’s your favorite genre? Romance.

First story over 200 words you ever wrote? Paige Turner

Are you a person that likes quizzes? Yes, well, sometimes. 🙂

Now on to My Nomines:






Now Onto My Questions:

Who is your favorite author?

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Peaches and Cream or Strawberries and Cream?

Edward or Cedric?

Heels or Sneakers?

When you write a novel would you rather write free hand or type?

Your favorite candy bar?

Pen or Pencil?

Laptop or Desk Top?

Dogs or Cats?

I think that is everything. I’ll talk to you guys later! -Jordan


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    • They can be but they can also be very distracting. She raps so it makes it a little harder to write at time. It’s basically just talking really fast. 🙂 For me at least. 🙂


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