Little Miss Obsessive (SOTD)

Song Of The DayWell as some of you know that I like writing, kind of, 😛 and I do get a little obsessive and my characters tend to take over my life. So this is for those of you who keep falling for you antagonist over and over again.

I have finished two books over the course of 2012. I seem to forget that once that book is finished I won’t get to enjoy those characters again until (if it’s a series or there is a sequel) the next book. I was thinking about my Blog Award post and found that I really do have one author’s pet. Paige is my baby. I have contemplated different ways to keep her in my life. Spin offs and such.

I guess every author has a character they love writing about and Paige is so witty and is full of life. It took a lot to write The Monkeys because Sam seemed to stick to the page like glue. She had no personality and no ideas to solve the problems she was in. I now have a general rule, I make my characters as interesting as possible and try to make sure they appeal to all audiences.

I’m a  member of Wattpad and Figment and am trying to transition to Wattpad. Right now I don’t get on except when I am uploading a new chapter, which is not good because I really need to get my name out there. If only I could be obsessive about that….

This song is about a girl and boy who break up. The girl doesn’t really understand and she just wants to make it right. I think it’s the same way in a lot of relationships. Someone does not (?) get hurt during a breakup. Because a heart doesn’t break even.