Mini Nano: Day #1

Mini Nano Update 1

So today has been very productive if I do say so myself. I have written (or should I say rewritten?) the first couple of chapters of my book and now have a 24,000 word count goal. Not bad, eh? Well I have a 70,000 word count goal so there is still a little ways to go!


I started around 2:00 am and finished around l:44 Pm. I had to do some chores and now I’m still outlining my chapters for this, here, book. 🙂 I rewrote the chapters for this book because I wanted to start fresh. The set of chapters I work on today were originally 23,000 but I rewrote them and now they (like I said) are around 24,000. You can see the exact amount to the side of my post. –>

I am not going to post snippets of chapters, or quotes from the book because my book is in fear of being stolen. I put it out in the world and someone is claiming it as their own. So for now I’ll post very vague updates and just tell you a little bit about what I did during my writing and what got me through it (the writing that is!)