…and the reasons I have no sympathy for the word.


Diary Entry

To start off, it’s just a way to say you’re not going to do something, ergo not doing it now, probably ever. You can only be a writer after you’ve actually made a goal and stuck to it like… write a book, collection of poems/short stories, or a novella. You actually have to sit and think of an idea, write down the idea, where you’re going (if you’re a plotter, if not, pantser, you may skip this step) have some character names along with settings and no, that doesn’t mean that if you do it once you get the prestigious title of “A Writer” (or if you’re feeling ambitious: “An Author”)You actually have to do it more than once, on numerous accounts and have a multitude of books written OVER TIME.

what does this mean, you ask? It means that you must stick with one plot, yes ONE PLOT, and see it through to the end. You must actually write that book cover to cover and sit and dream (after it has been edited to your heart’s content) about going to a convention and talking to an agent making them super excited to look at your manuscript. Making them call you. It means you must write and write and write some more.

Calling yourself a writer in no way makes you one. You must actually write. A wise woman once said: “Writers write, others dream.” So I have a question for you… are you a writer, or a dreamer? You have to decide. No one can make that decision for you, it must be you.


2 thoughts on “Procrastinating…

  1. But…but, does that mean I can’t keep jumping from book to book because I lose inspiration? Oh, alright…. Seriously, though, I do have a lot of stories. At least I’ve finished two of them. Sorta. Still gotta edit ’em.

    Can I be a dreaming writer, by any chance? I do dream a lot. And I do write most of them down, even if only a few actually go anywhere.

  2. Sure but that also means you probably won’t get published.

    This was just a rant because I haven’t been in a writing mood as of late. I’m outlining fine, it’s just the writing part that’s getting me! This as basically a “just do it” rant to myself.


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