03/24/13 Goals (Sorry, it’s posted a day late!)

goalsIf you saw my post from yesterday, I joined a Yahoo! group called About_Writing_Fiction (Click the picture for the link). They have this awesome (weekly) bit that they send out to all members encouraging them to stay focused and share with the group.

My nana and I were talking and writing (being an author/writer) is all about making goals and sticking with them. No one is going to be there holding your hand when you’re trying to meet a deadline and instead your playing air hockey at your local arcade.

Several people have found this out the hard way, jumping in head first into the publishing industry because they “wrote a book.” If you want a career in writing shouldn’t you have goals and want to stick with them? This si YOUR dream. Make it happen.

Even in Indie Publishing you have a commitment. You have to get on top (have everyone wanting more) and once you get there you want to stay (Write more). I’ve heard people say Indie Publishing is harder, but it is really how much you put into your advertising, your plot lines, your writing abilities, and the amount of novels you can produce in a year.

If you’re a teacher your goal is to get your students past your grade and onto the next. If you’re a writer your goal is to, someday, have somebody wanting to read your work. I know some people are head shy, but it really is a matter of setting goals. You have to want, truly want, to have a book on the shelves with your name on it.

So I decided to take this bit from About_Writing_Fiction and use it to my advantage on my blog every week. I’ll still post it on the group, I’ll just put it here as well. that way I have more incentive to get it done. I’m still at the beginning of goal making myself and need that little extra shove. 🙂

What did you accomplish that you hoped to last week? I started outlining a standalone novel that has been on my mind for a while. 🙂 I also continued outlining book 3 in my series. 🙂

What prevented you from them? I got grounded and didn’t get much done, just a couple of chapters. 🙂

What do you hope to accomplish next week?
1.Finish outlining book three in my series
2.Get Starburst Jelly Beans for Camp NaNo
3.Be nice to my sister on her birthday
4.Finish outlining my standalone novel
5.Finish reading one of the three books that are currently grabbing my attention
6.Take copious notes during the last week of The Book Factory Workshop. (I cannot wait to start asking questions!)
7.Start outlining the fourth novel in my series.

How do you plan to accomplish it?
1.Working hard?
2.Lots of caffeine?
3.Learn from people online who give me encouragement?
4.Procrastinate until the last-minute?
5.Envision a day in the life of Stephanie Meyer?
I don’t know I’ll have to ponder this question and get back to you.