Starting From Scratch

When writing a novel, I find it hardest to plot with a blank page, a sliver of an idea, and one song that is replaying in my head (that last part might just be me.) I find that after working on outlining one novel switching courses and outlining another is hard because I still have the ideas from the previous novel running through my head…. Anyone else? *Hears crickets*

I also find it quiet difficult to outline a series when all I want to do is write. I might have mentioned in the past my need to outline an entire series before writing one word. This is VERY true for a plotter such as myself. If I don’t have a road map my story will end in disaster.

I learned this the hard way. After writing two novels and trying to write the sequel to the second my facts were all over the place. If you are a writer who writes multiple novels at once, or have so many ideas in your head that you project jump, you might want to consider keeping copious notes on each book so you don’t forget what your train of thought was after you lost interest.

TRUST me, taking the time to jot a couple of notes is better than loosing your thought completely and having no idea where your story was heading before you became disinterested. This is just for pansters of course. (My mom calls them flyers… apparently I’m a control board… don’t ask.)

If you are a planner there are several different tips that you can find on the web. Try searching on Youtube or just Bing (I am not a supporter of Google) and you will find tons of different ways people plot that you can turn to use to your advantage. Try The Plot Whisperer she has a book and work book that you can purchase. I own both of them and have found her tips to be very helpful. (But, again, there are tons out there!)

Some people say that outlining stops your creative juices from flowing (live a beaver dam.) I’m here to tell you that if you wish to be succesful and have a long-standing career, you really should just give it a go. The first time it might not work, the second time it might not either. Try a couple of different techniques and see how it goes. 🙂

That’s all folks! -Jordan


2 thoughts on “Starting From Scratch

  1. I’m mostly a pantser, not an outliner/plotter, but some of this I definitely have to agree on. Writing notes down—essential. Often they get thrown out the window while I’m actually writing, but they’re very good to have written down. Sometimes even just to get more ideas coming.

    I also have to agree with what you said at the beginning. I’m a pantser (as I said before), but I can’t really start with a sliver of an idea. I think I usually outline my beginnings, to get me started, and then just discover it as I go from there.

    • Like I said before, it works for some people, just not for me! Starting at the beginning isn’t for everyone, so I hope others learn from this post as well. 🙂


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