Camp NaNoWriMo + Read 1k, Write 1K A Day Challenge

Howdy Partners! (Okay, I promise to never ever say/type/think that again… just because I am a Texan does not mean I should be marked by that expression, agreed?)

Camp NaNoWriMo is two days away! YES! TWO DAYS AWAY! Awesome, right? If you haven’t checked the notice board you should go do that now -mark the best route to your cabin and the nearest bathroom… if you’re not lucky enough to have one in yours. That’s, like, an extra plot twist (like $200 plus) and if you don’t pay up they take your coffee beans and tea bags… yeah, its harsh.

There are several reasons I’m participating in pranks (oh, who am I kidding? I am the one they are targeting) and volunteering to wear an uncomfortable bathing suit to the pool (no earthy ground under my feet… it must be a concrete pond.) I would like to receive the goodies this camp season…. Why, you ask? WELL: you can get 50% off this really cool writing program made of Literature and Latte called Scrivener. It has all the bells and whistles and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

There is a free trial for camp goers (which, sadly, I cannot download) but I will have to have to PC version. I do not own a MAC. I am Anti-Mac. Currently because the one I want is $3,000 and my dad laughed, but that is irrelevant. the point is I am being abused and someone needs to call CPS (and not Chiwawah Protective Services… smarty pants.)

Of course, it’s not the only reason, it’s just one of the main ones. I am writing the sequel to Paige Turner. I will follow a strict outline and write 1,667 words a day every day (yeah right).

I took a class called The Book Factory where a woman wrote 15 novels in a year all while having a bad pregnancy and running a law firm. She sold 12 of them this (last?) year and showed me (along with several other people) how to do the same thing. She invited us to join her Read 1k, Write 1k A Day Challenge this April.

I am in a reading slump so I thought it would be cool to join in all while camping in the wilderness… without internet, huddled in a sleeping bag, and deprived of caffeine. (My mother is so cruel… apparently I get temperamental when I write a novel in a month hence forth the No caffeine rule)

My mother took this banner to heart… [Insert Sad Face]

I am really looking forward to this challenge, non-the-less. I think it will be cool to see how other people stay with the program and how we all progress with our novels (that we are reading and writing). Kerri is awesome and so encouraging. I cannot wait to get started.

I think that is all folks! -Jordan