03/31/13 Goals + April Goals + Quarterly Goals


Well, today I am going to share with you all my goals for this past week, this past month and next month’s goals and my quarterly goals. All of which were questions sent by About_Writing_Fiction Yahoo! Group.

Are you ready? We are going to start off with This weeks Goals: 03/31/13

What did you accomplish that you hoped to last week? I finished outlining the third book in my series… I did not finish outlining my standalone novel. Which is sad, but it must wait. There are several spin offs to the series I am writing, plus the trilogy. I will be pretty busy and the stand alone novel is based in India…. My current story is based in Texas so it is not possible right now.

What prevented you from them? What I just told you (Yeah I don’t listen… or read.)
What do you hope to accomplish next week? I plan to write a decent amount of words in my novel and keep up my blog along with the read 1k; write 1k challenge over at the Book Boost blog. I would also like to outline the second book in my series but I do not see that happening. 🙂
How do you plan to accomplish it?
1)Concentration (and no, I’m not a glass of water… even though that is spelled wrong)
2)Ignore the smells from the kitchen (yummy birthday cake)
3)Quit checking online (that’s always a plus in the productivity department)
4)Read, Read, Read, READ!
5)Don’t lose focus (Eye of The Tiger is my background music)

Onto Last Month and This Month’s Goals: 03/31/13

Take a look at what you planned to accomplish last month. How much did get done? I outlined three books (well two and almost a third) I wrote 25,000 words (which was not part of my goal) but I had hoped to finish outlining my entire series. Oh well… more fun for next month. 🙂

Take a look at your quarterly goals. How does it change these? I had, originally, planned to outline the series after each book was done (out of character for me) but got on a roll and it just came naturally to me. 🙂 So I will only have to outline the last two books in my series and the second and third book in my trilogy. That is what I hope to accomplish in the next three months.

What are your next month’s goals? I plan to write another novel (I drive to camp in less than seven hours *wink*) and hopefully finish outlining the fourth book of my series (which I started but only got about 20 chapters in.) I also would like to blog about my journeys this April. Between Camp NaNo and the Read 1K, Write 1k a day, I think this will be a very interesting experience to look back on. 🙂

Any insights in what you can do differently to help you achieve them? I really need to focus. That is the only way I am going to get anything done!

Last but not least My Quarterly Goals: 03/31/13 (Last Quarter and Next Quarter)

I did not have any goals last year aside from writing my first novel which I
did in March of 2012.

This year I hope to finish off my five book  series and my trilogy… a lot of words, but I have a whole year!

It usually takes me a month to outline a series (I’ve outlined three in just two weeks for my newest) and two to three weeks to outline a trilogy
(estimation… I have never outlined a trilogy.)

It takes me a month to write each book (I wrote my first one in 19 days but I lost that steam and now it takes me much longer.) I am a firm believer that if you make an accurate outline you will only have to do one draft… it has worked out for me thus far!


I think that is all… I have to go double-check my bags for camp! -Jordan