Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Yes it’s today… where everyone celebrates the crucifixion of Jesus. Why do we celebrate? ?Because he gave his life for us! He was selfless and made it so we could choose him or another (easier, but bad) path.

Enough with the Sunday school lesson… I just wanted to hop in and say Hi. I hope your Easter is going better than my own. I have to wait until 5:30 PM to eat so that means the most I have had (and will have because I am stubborn) is a slice of toast smeared with butter and jelly and a small (dainty) glass of orange juice. 🙂 Needless to say I am pretty cranky.

But Easter isn’t about the food (please don’t side with my father on this) it is about remembering what God has done for us, and knowing that there is more to come, because God is an Ever-Giving God. It’s also about spending family time, whether it’s with your Church family or your immediate family.

What are you doing this Easter? Making a trip home? Playing with the hem of your shirt or tie? Are you reading the Easter story? Dyeing eggs? How about eating a big Easter ham? What is on your agenda (or what did you do to celebrate?)

We read the Easter story, are about to dye eggs and are going to have a movie night. We do not plan on going to church this evening because we are all sick and this morning was rough!



4 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Amen.

    Ah, yes, I know how you feel. The sick part, I mean. I’ve been suffering from a cold and I almost passed out from exhaustion this morning. Aside from that, the day hasn’t been too bad. We were all a bit grumpy this morning, but have perked back up. My uncle’s cooking ham on the barbecue, and we’ll be dying eggs soon, too. I think I might have eaten too much chocolate, though…

    • Haha, yeah same here. We ate TONS! I don’t think I will be able to look at another roll with desire again… WAY TO MUCH!

      We ended up not dyeing any eggs. 😦 Time got away from us! Are you ready for camp?

      • Oh, we just finished eating our dinner, and I felt like it was Thanksgiving; I ate so much! Hehe. My little siblings are dyeing eggs right now, and we’ll be doing an egg hunt when it gets dark out. We like to do the hunt in the dark with flashlights.

        Camp? Are you kidding? I got this brilliant idea on how to start it off this morning, and I wanted to start writing already! It’s been so hard to wait… What ’bout you?

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