April Challenges

Today was a very good day! I wrote 3,014 words and managed to read two and a half chapters in an hour and a half! I started with Camp. I checked in my cabin and saw there were some messages posted, I then found the perfect song on my playlist, then wrote 3,014 words using writerordie.com and then I read two and a half chapters before my mom came and asked me to take a break and watch a movie with her and my dad. My nana and sister had already watched it and said it was great. 🙂

For my Read 1k, Write 1k A Day Challenge my forum looked something like this (okay exactly like this):

What I’m writing?
Book: Untitled
Starting Point: Beginning
Today’s total word count: 3,014 (Just today! Whooo!)

What I’m reading?
Book: Bells by Jen Calonita
Starting Point: Page 96 (the end of chapter six)
1K words completed: Yes! (I read to page 130)
Today’s Book Note: I really don’t like Mira. She is so artificial.

I am really proud of myself and plan to write some more tonight, but just in case I wasn’t able to update this, I decided to go on and write this! 🙂



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