April Challenges Day #2

We are still eating Easter leftovers, so for lunch I ate a roast beef sandwich and a very unhealthy (but very good) brownie with caramel and hot fudge. It was AWESOME! But that isn’t what you’re here to read is it? What are you here to read? I don’t know exactly what you were hoping to find, but I am here to give you an update on my April Challenges! WHOO! (Come on, cheer with me.) Lets start off with Nano, alright?

I woke up late. My mom tried to get me up several times but I wouldn’t budge. I ended up writing from 3:00 to 5:00 and wrote roughly four thousand words. my total is now 7,724 words. Not bad for only writing a couple of hours, huh?

I am really glad I got some of these ideas out on paper. I am the boring part of my book. So I’m kind of sluggish when I sit down. At this current time, my characters are just king of piddling. I want ACTION. Currently the director has not come to work. 😛 Wait. I am the director, right? Well I haven’t worked enough. I am not one of those writers who write their book out-of-order. I MUST go in the order of my outline… MUST.

Speaking of my outline, my outline has gone pretty well. I am really liking where the story is going, and it is so much easier to write with one… seriously! It is!.

On to the Read 1k, Write 1k A Challenge:

Book: Untitled
Starting Point: 3,014
Today’s total word count: 7,742

What I’m reading?
Book: Bells by Jen Calonita
Starting Point: Chapter Fifteen *Page 198* (I read more before I went to bed)
2 Chapters Completed: Started Chapter Eighteen *Page 244* *I probably will read more before I go to bed. After editing a chapter of two from my novel, I always read another book to decompress.)
Today’s Book Note: Mira is learning that it isn’t all about her… I still don’t like her though!

This challenge has helped me A LOT. I read more yesterday than I have in the past month. I have been in a reading slump, so I’m feeling great!