April Challenge Day #3

I am about to upload a book review and Darius Rucker’s Alright on replay… it’s Challenge Time.

Today I wrote… well let’s see. I wrote roughly 7,000 words yesterday and today my word count goal is 10,236! I am awful with the word count/adding/up/stuff. I made it to Chapter 9. My chapters are only 1,000 words long if that. I found I like reading books with chapters that aren’t 6,000 words (like the book I just finished reading) so those are the types of books I like to write. They are much more fun to write (in my opinion) as well!

Over on the Book Boost, my form looked like this:

What I’m writing?

Book: Untitled

Today’s total word count: 4,000 (roughly) for a total of 10,236 words.

I was reading your comment back and then, after doing some investigating, found that I was putting my total word count… for my entire book.

To clear things up… I wrote 4,000 on the first day (roughly), 3,000 on the second (roughly), and 3,000 again today (again, roughly.)

What I’m reading?

Book: Bells by Jen Calonita

1K Completed: I started somewhere around chapter fifteen (page 198) I went on to finish the book (page 352) just a few minutes ago (I wish I had something better to say like… “I was just lounging and decided to read a bit –what? 200 pages? Please! That is nothing for an established author such as me.” Alas I cannot, nor will I ever be able to, say that.)

Today’s Book Note: I will not say I saw the ending coming (although I did. You can thank Amazon reviews for that one. Go on, thank ‘em.) It was enjoyable all the same. I loved Jen Calonita’s Secrets of My Hollywood Life Series. It expanded my reading to more than just rereading Twilight and Harry Potter. I have had this book on my shelves since June of 2012 (It came out in April and I couldn’t find it anywhere –B&N is out to get me) but kept putting it down because the two main characters just weren’t Katelyn Burke! This challenge really… challenged me to get through this book and I am so glad. I LOVED IT!

I will be posting a link to my review later on today or tomorrow. See ya later! -Jordan