Last Week & This Weeks Goals, 4/7/2013


I had a very productive-slow-tiresome week. I spent a majority of my time writing (productive) but often found myself staring at the computer having hot flashes… I’m seventeen. I. Should. Not. Have. Hot. Flashes. It wasn’t like I was falling over from exhaustion or anything. It was more like we just couldn’t make the house the right temperature for everyone to be comfortable. At one point I was chipper (no I was not flirting with wood) and the next I was cranky. It’s amazing how aggravated you get when your sweating buckets. But you don’t want to know how I disposed of those buckets… do you? No, you want to know about my weekly goals. We’re on the same page right? Good, NOW! Onto those goals:

What did you accomplish that you hoped to last week? ORIGINAL POST: I plan to write a decent amount of words in my novel and keep up my blog along with the read 1k; write 1k challenge over at the Book Boost blog. I would also like to outline the second book in my series but I do not see that happening. 

Well, I followed through -partly. I started off with a blank page on the first and I have written over 20,000 words since the first day of Camp. 🙂 I think that is a decent amount! I wrote around 3,000 words every day… give or take a little. 😉 I read every day except two so I didn’t exactly keep up with the read 1k, write 1k a day challenge. 🙂

I honestly didn’t even think about outlining -which is horrible. But I just couldn’t seem to sit down and outline!

What prevented you from them? I missed two days of the read 1k, write 1k a day challenge because I just didn’t read and the other because I was traveling for my sister’s 16th birthday. I wish I was able to have read during the ride (my mom drove) but I was to excited. I couldn’t wait to see her face. She got three box sets (one hardback two paperback, because you know you were wondering.) She also got several other books along with companion novels. Then a butt-load of Doctor Who (A License Plate Cover: My Other Car Is A Tartus) along with a Yahtzee came that was shaped like a Tartus and a Doctor Who 50th Edition Monopoly game. Along with some jewelry that was shoved to the side. 🙂 They said I was more excited than Kennedy! I love to see her open presents… there must be something wrong with me. She offered to let me open some of them. I said no.

What do you hope to accomplish next week? Hopefully write another 20,000 words 😛 No, really. I hope to write a decent amount again and maybe outline the fourth book in my series. I realized (when posting this) that last week’s post was off. I have outlined the second book! Other than that, I would like to keep up my read 1k, write 1k a day challenge and maybe clean my craft room. I have been working on it for a month… it’s going nowhere!

How do you plan to accomplish it?

1) Keep writing

2) Give my dad to the first person who is willing to take him so I can have some peace and quiet. (I wake up at four in the morning and hear Star Wars: Lego Edition on the WII)

3) Take small breaks with my family -minus my dad and his WII remote)

4) Take my mom to therapy (she’s grieving over losing my dad)

5) On second thought… find a street corner and a box -no one’s going to take him.