Hitting My Coconuts Together

Do you know that scene in Monty Python where he is traveling and wherever he stops the person asks him: Why are you clanking coconuts? I feel that way right now. Why am I breaking my back, trying to figure out how to reach my word count when I feel so far behind? Why am I banging my coconuts together, attempting to fuel myself with little prizes like television, which I end up spending the whole day watching instead of writing.

Then I remember… I’m a writer -a future author. I have goals, I make them happen… no one can help me (ie. hold a gun to my head and make me type out my story) I have to do it on my own. No one can tell me that I have to achieve this for my dreams (because honestly, I won’t listen.) I have to do it on my own. I can act like it doesn’t matter and that I’ll do it after this season of Dallas wraps up but honestly? It’s been almost a week and now I’m searching for something more. So what do I do? I must set a very large goal, wake up at five o’Clock in the morning and write… write… and write some more.

This might not work for some people, but if I really try… I mean really try, I should be at my desired word count by the end of the month. Just five thousand words a day… which really isn’t a lot considering I wrote eleven thousand words on my November novel on the first day. So how do I achieve this ginormous goal? (What, it is kinda big….) I shall write in fifteen minute sprints. I no longer have the ability to sit and write for an hour and a half. (This is where the line “Because I do not have a horse” comes in.)

I have sat down with my mother and we will set a timer where I will write 500 words in fifteen minutes (at the least.) I can usually write 800 words in fifteen minutes (I timed myself) but 500 words is my bottom goal. To get 5,000 words I must have ten fifteen minute bursts. I can do several in the morning, several in the afternoon, and several in the evening.

You may be wondering, why are you getting up at five o’clock in the morning, Jordan? Because I have to do my chores… and school work, and other things to keep up my daily life and the way I live. (There must be a check mark by Clean Room on my To Do List.) I have set my clock for 5 AM. and shall see how these plans go….

These plans will not start until Sunday (after church) because I have to go to my chapter meeting (Romance Writers of America) and will be gone all day. It’s a two-hour drive and there is construction so we leave around 8:00 am and make it there by 10:45. the meeting is at 11:00 so it works out perfectly! 🙂

For now I must be going… I have to pack for my all day trip tomorrow! (Flat Iron Hair *check* pack bag *almost check* make a game plan for getting out early *not even close* -Jordan


4 thoughts on “Hitting My Coconuts Together

  1. You can do it, Jordan! Don’t give up! And eleven thousand? That’s amazing! I’ve only written about 5,000 words a day!!

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