Last Week & This Weeks Goals, 4/21/2013


As some of you know I took a much-needed break the past two weeks and did… absolutely nothing. I guess it wasn’t needed, I’m just saying that to cover up my laziness. So Today (as you can tell from the title of this post) is my weekly goals. Keep in mind I didn’t do much the past week or two so I’m playing ketch-up (do you want fries with that?) So this might seem a little extreme… but I’m going to attempt in any way… I know it’s not jumping into the Earth’s atmosphere from a space ship but I didn’t exactly train for that… nor would I ever. I wouldn’t go on the tilt-a-whirl with my sister let alone do something from that height. I trained (okay, lets me honest… am training) to write a novel. So without further ado, here are my goals for this week… and last weeks goals. 🙂

I took Linda’s advice and signed up for Nozbe, but am finding that I like the calendar on my Android Tablet better. It broke and when I sent it in they gave me a brand new one with new software! It has an agenda feature and sends reminders to my phone, since my phone is my ultimate organizing tool (I’m homeschooled… I don’t go out on Friday nights with non-existent, rambunctious, friends….) it helps a lot to get reminders when I forget to plug up my pad and it dies. 🙂 (Duh,)

Also, I wrote down my yearly goals and divided them up into quarterly goals, which I never thought of (thanks, Linda!) So now I’m even more organized… which is good considering I’m now looking at colleges and still want to write, write, write, write! Planning for the future, I guess!

3rd Week of April:

I wrote about 5,000 words this week and the last. Not much, plus I didn’t keep up with the challenge… which I am not happy with! I only have a week to  win Camp NaNoWriMo and I have deviated a harebrained scheme to get out of my chores and win. 😛

4th Week of April: I need to write 30,000 words so keep that in mind when you read below… plus, I probably won’t stick with it, so don’t feel to bad for me. 😛


1. Send the rest of my 10 pages to the agent who requested more.


2. Write 5,000 words a day during 10 fifteen minute sprints. (Let’s see if I can actually do it, eh?)

3.  Finish outlining book four

4. Make final edits to Book One



1. Finish reading Writing Great Books for Young Adults

2. Start reading plotting book and work in workbook


1. Finish reading The Selection by Keira Cass

2. Mourn the fact that Jen Calonita (my favorite author -ever!) Will be two hours away on the 26th and I cannot make the signing.