Just Give Me A Reason (SOTD)

Song Of The Day

I finally got my tablet back and was able to download some music and transfer it to my compter, ergo transfer it to my i-Pod and as everything was downloading to my computer, I remembered a song I was listening to in the car coming back from my chapter meeting.

My mother was driving (because I have not started my driving test… gas is expensive people!) When this song came on. My mom started bobbing her head to the music wondering who was singing. To say just, one thing, about my mother… she knows music like I know shoes, or James Patterson knows how to write a book. She KNOWS music. So, naturally, she knows when she hates a song, and usually sticks with her opinion until the fad dies down. (Gangem Style, anyone?)

The reason I am telling you this is because, when the song first released, she asked me to turn that racket off… that was not music. It was noisy. I, personally, thought she had gone off the deep end. One, I was concerned about my safety because she was driving a motorized vehicle. Two, concerned about money because I thought my sister and I had finally pushed her off the deep end and no doctor would be able to help her.

So I was sitting here, listening to my new favorite song (obviously, if it’s the song of the day) and I decided to look up Nate Ruess. That’s when I understood… he’s the lead singer of Fun. (with a period… on purpose!) My mother loves him. She (at one point) wondered if she could trade me or Kennedy in so she could have a boy who could have his identical hair cut. Now she just has rope and duct tape in the back of the car incase we see him walking down the street… in east texas… I didn’t say it was practical, I’m just glad I don’t have to give up my room.

I wake up in the morning to “Some Nights” playing through my air vent… yeah, it’s that loud. Her room is connected to my craftroom so she takes Cher out (I’m kinda addicted to her beats) and she plays that, singing, waking everyone up. Lord help us when she discovers how to work the repeat button.

So, just like all of my other SOTD posts, here are the two videos. 🙂


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