Status Update #3 (Looking for Love) :P

Status Update

Today has been very productive if I do say so myself. I woke up later than usual to find that my mom had taken my nana to the dentist. A fact I forgot… even though I reminded my mother to set her alarm clock the night before. So what did I do? That’s right folks. I made a pot of coffee, filled half the cup with liquid creamers and thirteen (don’t judge me) packets of sweetener, proceeded to drink in the living room… then I wrote! that’s right folks! I wrote me some words. 🙂 (PLease excuse the grammar… I’m getting to the best part.)

So I started with 33,000 words (roughly) and am now sitting at 42,034 words. Not bad for one days work, huh? I only wrote for five hours other wise I would have been able to get more words down on paper. Actually, If I hadn’t stopped to watch television with my mom, sister, and nana, and to eat lunch during the five hours I probably would have been able to get more words down. Oh well… there is tomorrow. I think it is a great start to getting back on track.

I hope you all had a productive day! -Jordan


5 thoughts on “Status Update #3 (Looking for Love) :P

  1. Oh, wow! Only twice have I ever been able to get //half// as good as that. That’s amazing!

    My day’s actually been quite productive, as well, though not quite as much. I am satisfied, however.

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