Getting the ball rolling.

Well, it’s been awhile. Every time I say “I’m back” I am actually on the brink of another slammed door saying goodbye to the blogging world for at least a month. So, what’s been going on with me? WELL! I have become aware of my goal this year, which was to finish my series. SO. I  have three months to write three books. I know, I know, I always wait till the last minute. So I have come up with a (hopefully) foolproof plan to get me back on track.

Firstly, I made a calendar and printed it out. You can’t go wrong when you print it out! 🙂 Next, I’m making Weekly To Do Lists along with Daily To Do Lists. I printed out my Monthly To Do List for the month of September, but decided it would be a waste of paper (and ink) to print out my weekly and daily to do lists. So I’ll be writing those on my To Do List Stationary from the Dollar Tree. (What? It was only a dollar. I don’t think that is to much wasted paper!)

I plan to go by month. i don’t want to plan out each month and fail and feel like a complete failure and not write at all. 🙂 According to my Calendar I will write the third book in the series until I get to 60,000 words, which will hopefully be on the 20th. After that I will jump on board and start writing the next book on the next day! I will outline the next book to be sure to not stop in the middle of the creative process to outline and I will hopefully edit both of my previous books.

Why? Are you trying to kill yourself? You ask. NO. I have a plan and I shall stick to this plan… hopefully. 🙂 If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know that I am a planner and usually stick to my plans… usually. To keep me on track I’ll post daily updates titled with the date and the percentage accomplished.


I’ll see you guys later -Jordan


8 thoughts on “Getting the ball rolling.

  1. Long time no see, Jordan! Hii! Hehe. 🙂

    I wish you luck with that. I’d never be able to do that myself…. Well, I suppose if I really tried to, I might be able to do it. Currently, I’m just trying to find inspiration to write ANYTHING…..

    Yeah. Hehe. I like how you said “usually” twice in that second-to-last sentence. 😀

      • I’m doing pretty good, actually. 🙂 School started last Monday, and yes, I’m still homeschooled. And boy is tenth grade starting off lloooonngggg. Hehe, I am enjoying it, though, in a way. 🙂 How ’bout you?

  2. We started last Monday as well. My sister and I decided to graduate together so my mom is putting Kennedy on the fast track. I’m in my senior year while my sister is technically a junior. We just wanted to keep the costs down. My mom said don’t worry about it, but we liked the idea of graduating together and sharing the party (expenses) and getting our diplomas at the same time. 🙂

    Other than that I’m just trying to get my series finished! 🙂


  3. Hey Jordan, good to hear from you again!
    Ah, life’s busy busy. I wish you luck in your books, and sticking to daily lists.
    You know, every time I print a to do list out and tell myself to follow it, and it’ll work this time unlike other times, it fails again. *sighs* Life’s so hectic. I haven’t gotten around to writing anything decent yet since November last year.
    I hope you find inspiration soon! 😀

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