Gotta Go Back, Back, Back to My Story #2

Gotta Go Back To My StoryI wrote 3,000 words for a total of 6,084 words today! Woot, woot! I also edited 10 chapters which means I am following my calendar to a T so far. I am really happy with what I have gotten done the past two days, I honestly wouldn’t have even written today if it wasn’t for this Write-A-Thon I’m pushing myself to do!

My calendar says that I have to edit 20 chapters this week, plus I have to make some adjustments to my outline. Those are taking some thorough planning and a lot of thinking. I liked my outline to begin with, but now the book can go in a completely different direction. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see!


I think these posts are going to be relatively small, just due to the fact that I am trying to write a book, not a blog post! -Jordan



One thought on “Gotta Go Back, Back, Back to My Story #2

  1. That’s great! I wrote about 2k last night, and that’s it, but compared to the amount I’ve been writing lately, that was quite satisfying. I think I might have to steal your calendar idea to see if it works for me…

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