Gotta Get Back Back Back to My Story #3

Gotta Go Back To My Story

I know I told you I would be writing on this awesome blog daily, but you see. Life happens. It’s isn’t the best excuse but it’s all I’ve got! I wrote everyday until the sixth. That’s when things started to snowball out of control. First, I got that feeling every writer gets, like you are trying to force words out, and then I got cranky and in turn got grounded. :-/ I was grounded from the seventh to the ninth. In that time I could have gotten my word count from 15,000 words (which was my word count since starting on the first and going to the fifth) to 27,000 words.

As I mentioned before, I wake up at five o’clock in the morning to write 3,000 words, and right now (thanks to that technique) I should have a total of 33,000 words. But alas grounding and flimsy school schedules I cannot compete with. I am taking precautionary measures to insure that I keep up my schedule. I timed myself, when I finished my second book, and I can write 1,000 words in 30 minutes. In an hour I can write 2,000 words. Considering I am in my senior year of high school I have set 3 hours a aside everyday, separate from my two hours of writing in the morning, to write a more. My hopes are that, even if I don’t write for one of those hours, I will have at least four thousand words extra than what I would have if I was just writing in the morning.

I am reading a book for school called The Plot Whisperer, you might remember it from my Book Haul Post, in the post I showed the book and the workbook. I am doing both as a course to graduate with some writing credits. In the book it tells us about the Right Brained Writer and the Left Brained Writer. I have found that I fall into the Left Brain Writer Category which, if you can believe it, is my downfall. I make strict, rigorous, schedules for myself and take copious notes on my characters as part of my outlining ritual. That means I use a lot of dialogue instead of helping my characters emotionally evolve. But that is for a different post! What I’m trying to say is that I am a Left Brained Writer and I thought it was interesting, and thought I would share because that might help some of you who are reading this post understand that I enjoy breaking my back and sticking to something with meaning. Writing has a lot of meaning for me!

Today (September 11, 2013) I have written 7,000 words. I started with 15,000 words and now have 22,000 words. Because I broke up my writing time I managed to write much more than I would have if I had sat and typed till my eyes got dry while staring at the screen. I took a break and watched General Hospital, knocked out two of my weekly subjects for school, and did some chores. It is 6:30 and I managed to write 7,000 words, bumping my word count tremendously, made a mountain of school work into a ‘hill’ and in between I finished my chores.

That is not a bad day in my opinion. I wish I would have written a little more, but I can only hope to achieve more tomorrow. Actually, I have two doctors appointments tomorrow and will not be able to write throughout my daily life. I have to take my mom to her hot chiropractor and I have to go the orthodontist. After six years of braces he just can’t seem to get rid of me. I really am a fun person. I love board games and cheese. Who doesn’t like a person with those qualities? As for his looks, he’s alright. 😉 I might not get to write anymore than 3,000 words tomorrow but hopefully, sometime soon, I should have a couple of thousand words more than my schedule but right now I’m just trying to catch up!


I hope you have a lovely day and sweet dreams! I’m off to stalk several blogs I’ve been mistreating and look at NaNoWriMo YWP before heading to bed! -Jordan