The Left Brained & Right Brained Writer

There are many studies on Left and Right Brained Writers. The difference between them is a monstrous gap, needing to be filled to progress to write amazing books through your first draft and forward.

The Left Brained Writer is known for making intense scenes and using plot twists that a Right Brained Writer wouldn’t think of. The Left Brained Writer is more focused on the story’s structure, and making plot holes disappear draft after draft. They write with schedules and plans, sheets and sheets of plot outlines and (in my experience) with a bucket of skittles on their desks.
The Right Brained Writer, however, is more focused on character development. They’re main ideas come from bringing the characters to life, making them jump off the page. They’re character’s emotions are vivid, and readers can relate to them easily. They have a hard time sitting down to write, and find themselves procrastinating more than the Left Brained Writer. They’re writing schedules are all over the place, if they have them.
The pit fall for both types of writers are not that they are one or the other, it is that they aren’t both. Writers have to be able to sit down and write an intense scene, but the scene is nothing without the character’s emotional depth. You have to study your plot and characters and become both.
Think about it, without having your characters’ emotions well thought out, you have a plot but no subsistence. Without a plot, weaved with the ins and outs of your story you have a character going nowhere. You either have a lack-luster plot or a characters emotions that stick with you for the entirety of your readers life. You shouldn’t have to choose.
What do you do? As mentioned above, you must study your craft. There is no other feeling like writing and completing a book. That being said, there is nothing more important that writing and completing a good book, a book that will sell and touch millions of readers’ hearts.
There are many books you can read to learn how to balance your character’s emotional stability and manage to knock off an agent’s socks with your amazing -well thought out- plot. There is Breathing Life Into Your Characters by Rachel Ballon, The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman just to name a few for those of you who are trying to make your characters more believable.
There are also tons of online articles for people who don’t want to go out and by a book, or you just don’t have time to read the entire thing. There are classes for people who want a more hands on approach, and there are even online communities with budding authors just like you (us) who have more knowladge and are willing to help, try About_Writing_Fiction it is a Yahoo! Group with several indie authors and people just trying to get that daily word count in.

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