What Has Writing Done For You? What Has Writing Taken Away?

I was asked this recently (for a contest) and thought I would share my response. I’ll tell you now, it would have been over 250 words, but that was the limit. After some editing, and a fierce debate with myself I was able to bring my word count down to the required limit!


Query Letters are hard, sitting down to write is harder. What has writing done for me? I have the most fun when I am plotting, making my characters squirm in awkward situations that make me cringe. I write them with a smile and a quick stroke of my keys making my lead character in my latest romance novel fall through a fence in front of her crush. Yes, definitely plotting.
But, back to the question, what has writing done for me? I have found myself following a strict schedule and reading more non-fiction that I eve could have imagined. I love writing, but why? I feel like I am on that wave I wrote about four months ago, it’s still stuck in my head. I know I’m not being eaten alive by a bear like Cassy three chapters ago, but I defend myself against the only person rude enough to come into my room during one of tedious 4:00 AM writing sessions. It takes me places I could only imagine to go.
Writing hasn’t taken away much except my desire to go to the movies like a normal seventeen year old. Or go shopping like every other teenage girl in the USA. I don’t feel like doing much else when I am immersed in my latest plot twist, have you heard of The Mean Author? I get a kick out of making my characters run around in circles.


This is my last year participating in NaNoWriMo YWP, my name is Indigo Mo- I’m just kidding.