He Works In Mysterious Ways

On the 21st of September God talked to me. My Mother, Nana and I were sitting in my Nana’s room and were talking about several Christian writers. Something (rather Someone) touched my heart. I had been having nightmares for a week and new that there was something wrong. I pondered, as I wrote another 2,000 words in my secular novel, why it felt like I was caving in. I was having a internal war with God about my ministry.

When I was nine I surrendered to the ministry. I felt it was part of the reason God put me down on this earth. For years I did nothing, even turning away from Him in order to write what I wanted, read what I wanted, be who I wanted. But that isn’t what God wanted. He wanted me to work for him. I had said no long enough. Now it was time for me to make peace in my heart and do His will.

On September 22, 2013 I started outlining my series with a spiritual twist, a Godly twist. I have five novels to write (two and a half already being written for mainstream publishing) and firmly believe I will never sleep again if I don’t do His will. God is my creator and I know that I will succeed in spreading His word, it is His will.



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    • I have the basis of all five books outlined and have started writing. Today I sit at 2,000 words so far! It’s much slower than I usually write, but I’m trying to get His point across!


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