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Camp NaNoWriMo starts in less than three days. I am stoked, I cannot wait. It’s going to be epic. I got the cabin of my dreams and am making fast friends with my roomies.  Today we are going to discuss Choosing Your Camp NaNoWriMo stories.

We can all agree that April and July are much easier months to write but we also have to agree that life can sneak up at a moments notice. Your taste for a certain story change, the wind blows and you loose all faith in fixing that plot hole. You need to choose a story that will last the entire month and then some.

This doesn’t apply to everyone. I am strictly talking about people writing a novel in the month of April. It is hard to write a novel if you aren’t putting heart in it. Your readers will feel the lack of feelings put into your novel. You know the saying, you are more likely to catch bees with honey. It applies with readers. You have to have real emotions when writing your book to hook readers. They can sense a one dimensional, emotional crippled character from a mile away. You have to put your best foot forward.

So, you must find a story that speaks to you. This is for one purpose -to write a book in a month. You wouldn’t have to find the perfect story if you had, say, three months to dedicate to your story. This is strictly for Camp NaNoWriMo.

What is the perfect formula? You aren’t going to like my answer. It depends on each person. You have your own likes and interests. Your own taste in genres and, more importantly, your own writing style. You know how much you will be able to write in a day, multiply that for thirty days. Count the days you won’t have time to write. It’s all in the preparation. But we’ll talk about that in a different post. Finding the story comes from within you. You have to find the perfect plot, characters and setting. There are different ways to go about finding the “Perfect Story” Listed below are three of my most recommended.

1: Use your life as inspiration. This sounds simple enough. Take time during your day to write down things that your kids said, what your dog did, your neighbors rose garden, your family portrait hanging in the den. Jot these things down and go back to them at the end of the day. If nothing resonates with you, wait a week. Something is bound to come to you.

2: Your Idea Book. If you have written for any length of time you usually have an idea book. Those ideas don’t always make their way into a manuscript, some of them might not ever leave your 3 ring binder, but, some will be added to manuscripts as fillers or even blog posts. Take a while to brainstorm your favorite ideas into reality. Pick and choose a few that really stand out, and that will meld well, and make them into one continuous story on a piece of notebook paper. You will then have a bases for what might be the perfect story for you this April.

Those are my tips for finding the perfect story for this April. Happy writing!



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