Stuck In The Middle (With You)


Struck by extreme optimism but lacking the motivation to push through to the last half of your fanciful novel? Have no fear, Batman and Robin are here! No, they aren’t, I did lie… don’t tell my mother.

I have to be honest with you, what made me write this post was this nifty picture I found while scrounging for images on Google. I didn’t have a “Middle” post in mind, but what is inspiration for. I clicked save, uploaded and am now giddy to write this post for you… and save it until I need a post to give my blog a face lift… I know, I’m sorry. You probably won’t see this for a good month and a half, but isn’t the image hilarious? It made me smile.

I have been stuck in the middle before, for writers it could mean in between projects, struck with two ideas -at a cross road “which one to write first”- and then their is the most common forum, stuck in the middle of a single plot. The plot that has ceased to exist in your mind since you realized that your character shouldn’t be at the mall drinking a milk shake, she’s supposed to be riding a horse in the mountains away from civilization!

Those plot holes that are so devastating you would rather invite a Wannabee Ralph Lauren rearrange your entire house and, while throwing a temper tantrum, break your priceless family heirloom your Great Great Great Grandfather brought over on the Mayflower… and ruin the holidays after your sister sees the hot glue strings on the, clearly, shattered vase… and it be your fault.

It isn’t easy getting out of that rut and my only advice, persevere. Have your character jump off the page by writing a short story about that disturbing plot hole. Have your character become so involved with the short story and let yourself become enveloped with that joy. After a two hour short story writing sprint go back to your story and tear out the silly few sentences. Let yourself capture that joy from the short story and continue on with your own. It isn’t as hard as it sounds, just let it go. Take a break, then release your anger and continue with your story.



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