Excuses! (NOT THE WIRE HANGER!!!!)


We have all made the mistake choice to stop, turn away from the computer, and run in the other direction. It’s called procrastination. It’s called not feeling like it. It’s called NOT WRITING.

Why do we do this? Why, when we know what we want to do, still act like there is something better to do than online that novel, or write that scene in that meaty chapter? I would like to call you human, but the word I’m going to use instead is more harsh and might make my followers swindle. All the same, your just lazy. Your just selfish. Think about it. Without writing your work and putting it out there, you are just keeping it bottled up inside. You might not think someone wants to read it, but there is always some one (at least one person) who will find your plot, your overall story, to be great. You just aren’t writing it for others to read… one day.

I’m not saying it is easy to write a novel. I’m not saying it is easy to write a collection of stories. All I’m saying is that is easier to quit than it is to try. Don’t quit, don’t stop trying… don’t be selfish. God didn’t create you that way.

Writers unite! Spend the next twenty minutes writing, outlining, creating something with words. Go on, it’s God’s plan for you!



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