Camp NaNoWriMo Day #1 | Texas Twang, Lost Love and the Beginnings to a Great Story

Camp NaNoWriMo started today. I wrote as much as I could using word wars on Google Hangout with my friends Rachel (Whose Blog I Do Not Have A URL For) and Kiwi over at Ripped Out Pages. I wrote nearly three thousand words, but I was hoping FOR three thousand words. I guess everyone has their own pace, I was just hoping mine would be faster on the first day of Camp. I wrote, to be exact, 2,761 words. One chapter.

My novel started off good. I like where the characters are headed and the plot, which starts off slow, is already gaining momentum. It was a pretty good day for my story (not just my word count).

Whenever a new writing event starts, I get all giddy and want to start a billion and one stories -just to write the beginning. It’s a blank sheet of paper, it’s a new day. It is something I wish I could experience everyday. The beginning of a story always brings back memories of my first novel. Written in 19 days rounding out to be 85,000 words. It’s a very found memory that I’ll always cherish.

The south is getting hotter. I like it. I am terrified if bees, wasps, anything that flies really -that is the only downside to the heated weather. Those ungodly creatures are out to get me. I’m telling you, one day I just won’t be anymore. I will have accidentally traveled into their territory (behind the potted plants, underneath the playhouse window) and I will be no more. My mother thinks I’m exaggerating, I know better. My Nana thinks this is the voice of a middle grade writer -I don’t care about book pages (gasp, I know!) I care about being stung to death. They can sting, like, five times before dying. Then they hang on to your shirt, grasping at what little life has left for them.

Buuuuut. We aren’t here to talk about bees (wasps, anything that flies really) we are here to discuss Camp NaNoWriMo. Over all it went well, at least I think so. My two writing buddies really helped me with my total.

I think that is it,



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