Thank You, Thank You! -Stop Throwing Roses Goofball!

An Alternate Title: A short post with an awkward ending

I didn’t know what to say on this post, I didn’t really know how to type this without bragging. So I waited. It’s the ninth of May now and I still haven’t written this post. This is a post to let the world know that I won the April 2014 Camp NaNoWriMo. I did not write as much as I would have liked. I only wrote 30,000 words. On the last two days of April I had to rush to write 10,000 words to win. I managed it and I’m so grateful.



4 thoughts on “Thank You, Thank You! -Stop Throwing Roses Goofball!

  1. Hey, I won, too, but it was definitely only 10,000. It took me the whole month to get it, too. So, like, that’s awesome you got “only” 30,000 and all haha – still an amazing accomplishment.

    • Thanks! My Mom says the same thing, “you only got 50,000, wow. I’d love to be you.” I just roll my eyes because 50,000 words isn’t a completed novel. 🙂


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