Did you say bacon?

Solid advice for any aspiring writer; don’t die. Give your words life. Make them count. Don’t have readers that flip to the end of the book just to have a satisfied reading experience. Yes, everyone wants to know how the book ends, but please, make the novel enjoyable from beginning to end. Don’t be one of the countless people who get published, with few admirers, pushing your publisher to give you “just one more chance.” Make your story a living, breathing, thing. Make your novel, essay, script something to live forever.

I have few (if any) tips on helping you achieve wide awakeness (the quality or state of being wide-awake :  alertness,liveliness <saw signs of a new wide-awakeness in the company personnel>) for your readers. You want your reader to feel each of the characters emotions. When your protagonist rips into her best friends cheating boyfriend, your reader should be saying; “you go girl!” After a winning championship game, your reader should think; “they really deserved that!” No matter the emotion your reader should feel everything coming off those pages… in waves.

You should want your reader to taste the victory of the championship game, give them tremors after a steamy kiss, make them want to pick up a crow bar and find the cheating dork. You are nothing without your readers. You’re still sitting in your bedroom writing stories that no one cares to read. Harsh? Yes. But it is the truth. You have to think about your readers. They are your target audience. Whether your book is being reviewed by the New York Times or your signing a book that changed someones life, your main focus is the reader. (Once your beginning to publish, of course!)

So, my one and only tip:Don’t be dull! I agree with the notion everyone has a different writing style. I write contemporary fiction. I have a lighter tone when writing. My characters have minuscule problems that they think are going to end the world but, in truth, I don’t write fantasy. No one is coming at them with a sword and I’ve never had the need to rent a fire breathing dragon. (I don’t even know where my protagonist would get one!) Basically, make the tone of your character relatable. They are the ones carrying the story after all!



3 thoughts on “Did you say bacon?

  1. That, would be an awesome story idea. Renting a fire-breathing dragon, I mean. Wow.

    Um…sorry. Couldn’t help it. You don’t mind if I use that, do you?

    Anyway, good post! And I agree whole-heartedly.

    • My sister is actually using that in her book. I was critiquing her manuscript and found that. (It was my idea but we won’t mention that. :P) She writes high fantasy novels. 🙂

      Thanks though, I’ll have to tell her you thought it was an awesome idea. She gets really nervous when people read her work. I shove mine into people’s hands, she flinched when I turned the pages! 🙂


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