Fashionably Late Friday | Bedhead AKA Muse | 08/15/14

Fashionably Late Friday

I have a cup of coffee in one hand and am prepared to start auditioning for the one man show. If I can’t type a blog post with one hand, I am obviously not right for the part. I should be able to do more than one thing at a time, right?

Today is Friday – which means it’s time for Fashionably Late Friday – a new segment on Jewels from Jordan. We will talk about Character wardrobe, that awesome new line of how-to books and your grandmother’s shoes that are still sitting on the floor of your closet from her last visit. No, it isn’t just about fashion. We will also discuss the best lighting for cover shoots (Indie authors, you know what I’m talking about) and, of course, the unusual sight of bed head. AKA MUSE! That is what we will be covering today. That’s right folks. We are talking about bed head.

Bed head is your muse (in this post anyway.) There is a lot to discuss when talking about muse. Where do you find it? Why does it stop? You know when you hop out of bed and you break your hair brush (I see you glaring in the vanity mirror dear little sister) on the muss that was your hair? Muse is often tame. Usually you can get through your mess of curls. After a day at the beauty shop, there is no telling what you can accomplish with a nice full head of hair! But sometimes, you sleep the wrong way (did you forget to condition?) and sometimes you miss your appointment at the beauty parlor.

Am I making this too confusing? Let me rephrase in writing terms. Muse is usually when you embark on a brand new project. When you are fresh off the high of a new idea. You sit down, you run your fingers along your keyboard and you… what do you do? The muse was there… just a second ago. Now it’s just… like… gone? Yeah. Bed head – I mean muse – is very unforgiving. You have to wake up ready to tackle it or be tackled by it! You cannot force it to come. You have to be prepared for it. Plan for it. When you least expect it – IT WILL STRIKE!

Okay, so maybe we aren’t in Star Wars and, maybe, the Emperor won’t strike back. Still, you have to write. You can’t sit and watch book trailers on YouTube. You just can’t! Well you could, but you would not get anywhere.

Yes, those are two different books by two different writers with separate movies and separate actors. But still, I could not pass this up. #EPIC

So what to do when you are facing no muse. No muse equals no creativity. No creativity equals no writing. If no writing is getting done… you aren’t creating a masterpiece that will take the world be storm! A little dramatic… perhaps. I just like the sound of it. Lucky for you, I have three tips. Yes. Three, like a trilogy. How is that for muse?

1. Write it down :: Sounds simple. Write your ideas down. Write down every idea you have and then force it into existence. You might have a journal full of unused ideas. That’s okay. So long as you pick one the next time you’re starting a project. Don’t think up a new one!

Also, write down everything that comes to mind with your new found idea. Start a page and add to it regularly. Don’t have so many ideas you cannot nurture every one. Always keep yourself open to new possibilities when outlining. Trust me. It works!

2. Don’t Stop Believing :: Okay, before we start this one, let’s cue Journey. When you are preparing for a new project know, just know, you are the only one who believes in you. Sure, you have family who thinks everything you write is gold. It’s not. You know you are going to have to go through the editing stages twice. Call your beta reader and when they don’t answer, call them again, After receiving your beta reader’s notes,edit again.

Bedhead strikes when you least expect it. When you want muse to come, it won’t. When you need it, it’s visiting it’s relatives. You have to make your own muse. Believe in yourself. It sounds harder than it actually is. I suggest keeping a journal (I use my prayer journal) to mark your ups and downs. Once your name is known nation-wide you can look back on those countless mind numbing entries and know you are better for them.

3. Show Up On Time :: Writing is a job once you get published. Before that it is all creativity. It’s all you baby! You still need to show up on time. Make it like a job. Make yourself write if you have to. You have to hold yourself accountable. You are the only one who believes in you from the start (refer back to Tip #2) If you make sitting down at your computer and typing out your desired daily word count, you will succeed in getting your muse back. It just takes practice. At first it will seem like a chore. Sitting down to write? Again? But in the end you will be better for it. You will crank out a novel and at the fun parts, you will find muse, Your Muse.

Thanks for reading. As always, check back for content regularly! -Jordan