Inspiration with Jordan | 06/25/15

Inspiration With Jordan

“The worst things in life come free to us…” BUT (some of) the best things do too! Welcome to another installment of Inspiration with Jordan where, if you are feeling too lazy to write or your neighbor is angry with you for ruining their grass when you backed into your driveway late last night, I can help with one of those! “Mr. Jenkins! Stop complaining. We saw your dog tear into our trash last week but we didn’t cause a fuss!”

*Disclaimer: These are photos, gifs, quotes, and/or drawings that aren’t just about writing. I snuck some in just to make you smile.

A Quote

Some (Mean) Inspiration

You Know You Are A Real Writer When You Do This….

A Parting Note

Okay, I Lied. One Last Quote

*Note: I DO NOT own the rights to these photos, gifs, memes etc. displayed in this post unless otherwise stated.