Top Ten Things

Here are Ten Things About Me that everyone should know:

10: I was once held hostage by a vanilla ice-cream wielding goon. Thus after years of therapy I am finally able to eat ice cream again – CHOCOLATE ONLY PLEASE.

9: My pedigree Pomeranian has ties to royalty – and not just me.

8: Dr. Pepper and BBQ Ruffles should have their own food group… someone seriously messed up.

7: Don’t even get me started on pizza and ranch dressing.

6: Breakfast is cheese burgers add mayo. Lunch is a cheese burger add mayo. Dinner is a cheese burger add mayo, and a chocolate shake. A girl has to have her variety, right?

5: High Heels only please, sneakers need not apply.

4: Long hair takes more work, but it’s worth it. Did you see his double take?

3: It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that bling. I don’t go anywhere without my sparkle.

2: Writing takes you places you’ve never been before – dust off that passport.

1: Sorry guys, I’m already taken. Jesus has my heart.


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